About a company

Triolakt LTD is a private engineering company, founded in 2003 for introduction in Ukrainian livestock farming of effective milk production technologies on the basis of the detailed complex working of project decisions, supplying with a modern hi - technological equipment, total training (or retraining) of personnel of farm and offer of powerful technological support.

We have sufficient knowledge’s and experience for the solution of any technological tasks from the reconstruction of existent milking installations on principle of «rational sufficiency», to the complete technical providing of modern industrial “turnkey” complexes.

We are proud about effective collaboration with “Lactalis Nicolaev” dairy (trade mark «President»), Lustdorf LTD dairy (Trade mark «Na zdorov'e»), Metallurgical combine the name of Il'ich, Privatagrocentr, “Svarog” corporation and with more than 50 other our respected Clients on all of territory of Ukraine, where milking installations, milk cooling systems, feeders and hi - technological electronic systems supplied by us are working tireless.

Milking parlours "Herringbone" by the size from 2x6 to 2x16, «Syde-by-syde» by the size from 2x8 to 2x24, one of the greatest in Ukraine «Rotary 40 places», mounted by us are working profitable on Ukrainian farms. Parlour «Herringbone» special version 32 milking places with the newest system of the round-the-clock monitoring of rumination process of each animal, mounted by us in the Khmel'nickiy region, does not have analogues in Ukraine about a saturation by electronic options.

We feel the full power of high responsibility which connected with our specialization. We know that milking, feeding, heat detection, cooling of milk – it is processes which can not be halted. For this reason main principles of our work are a careful selection of suppliers of equipment, permanent increase of professional level of our personnel, uncompromising quality of assembling works, efficiency, regularity and discipline of guarantee and after-guarantee service.