Milking parlours



- Placing animals at 30 or 60 degrees

- Connection of milking machine at side or at rear

-Full or half (economy version) set of milking units "swing-over" - Manual or pneumatic drive gates

- Circulating or sterilization washing

- Automatic shut-off devices, adjustable pulse counters and milk yield counter already in the base configuration

- Wide variation of electronic options

- Capacity - 120 cows per hour.

- Stall design with two sided plating

- Comfort and safety for cows and humans


- Industry milking halls with a capacity of up to 270 cows per hour

- Back connection of milking machines

- Fast exit of cows

- Heavy-duty construction stall

- Pneumatic gate of entry and exit

- Protective box with stainless steel

- Manure removal tray with stainless steel

- Optional - underground gallery

- The widest variation of electronic options

- Optimized milker’s workplace


- Industrial milking halls with a capacity of up to 540 cows per hour

- Placing cows like "Herringbone" or radial

- All milking operators outside, or inside of ring

- Right-or left-hand rotation platform

- Hydraulic or electric drive of platform

- Optional - fixing the second round cows that did not finish milking per revolution

- Minimum of movement and maximum safety for operators milking